Hometown Haunts

Five-year-old Jayne Morgan became front page news when she led Sheriff’s deputies to the body of a missing girl out in the oilfields surrounding dusty Taft, California. She was lauded as a hero, until she told the newspaper how she knew where to look. Following the ghost of a little dead girl to her final resting place wasn’t normal, especially in a town where churches outnumbered bars.

Jayne grew up a pariah and denied her gift to listen to the dead. Twenty years later, a young L.A. TV producer Carter comes to town hoping to strike it rich by filming the pilot of a ghost hunting show. Jayne refuses to be dragged into the crew, but her best friend and the rest of their old high school A/V club are enthralled by Carter and what their success could mean: a one-way ticket out of Taft.

When Carter, Jayne, and the crew find a building that might actually be the home of a vengeful spirit, Jayne will have to embrace her gift to get the footage they need before someone gets hurt.