About me:

I’m a writer in the midst of pursuing publication for my novel “The Arborist” coauthored with Jessica Pike. It’s an epistolary speculative fiction with dirigibles (or as my coauthor calls it “Steampunk Light”), and boasts a secret society headed by Arthur Conan Doyle and a vampire obsessed with creating a family tree. We are currently querying agents.

In my back pocket, I have a  cozy mystery called “Hometown Haunts” featuring a hilarious ensemble cast filming a ghost-hunting show (think Scooby Doo meets Ghost Adventures with a murder) and a YA paranormal called “Monstrous” about a world where monsters are just genetic aberrations of humans and sixteen-year-old Sloane finds out she’s not human or monstrous when her DNA test results send her to a Monster Finishing school where she fails to fit in.

Outside of writing, I’m a military spouse who has lived in Naples, Italy and currently calls Seattle home. I have three chihuahua mix dogs that rule the roost and keep me sane. I like to crochet, play Lego video games, eat pizza, and drink caffeine “medicinally.” My husband supports my crushes on British actors as they fuel characters for novels. I have an amazing writing group, Casey and the Leadership Team, featuring myself, two Jessicas, and the aforementioned Casey.